Love To Love The Love Songs

Mammalian capacity for nurture seems to be the root from which we perhaps gained a rising sense of ‘better or worse’…ergo, right and wrong. I argue this rising ‘sense’ in us has promoted a developing ’empathy’, whereupon, we can guage our actions by the question, ‘If it was being done to ME’.

We have honed our survivalist ‘fearfulness’ into caring emotion for our offspring and young in general. And then…we have taken this ‘beyond’, translating our capacity to care beyond self and to the abstractions of our existence here. God is just an abstraction to me; a concentrate of sorts,
whereby a symbol of this caring is held to resolve all objects and abstractions as a ‘single’ thing and much as a parent would their young, to refine this capacity as a ‘thing’ in itself [an object of BEing].

I argue that it is in this ‘concentrated’ measure of nurture…what some call ‘love’ [but respondent to abstractions beyond self]…was our foundation of vison from which morality evolved. Reason that follows what remains a developing ‘sense’ in us, is not always so clear (we must apply this capacity to situational logic, which is often too complex for simple universal rules), and as I mentioned before, our brains profoundly capable of rationalization.


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